Where We’ve Been

2013 – Officially formed Ontario Fire & Life Safety Educators (OFLSE) group, terms of reference created, structure of group created

2013 – First survey released to members (across the Province) to determine training needs – data was analyzed and a 3-year training plan was created

2014 – Attained seat on the OAFC Joint Fire Prevention and Public Education Committee

2014 – First OFLSE Spring Conference held

2015 – First elected committee members put in place

2015 – Spring – website re-launch and established social media presence with twitter launch @oflse

2015 – First PE/FPO fall conference – 2 lines of defence acting as one (Ontario Fire College)

2016 – Gained stakeholder status on the Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council (FMPFSC)

2016 – Fall – survey released to all members regarding training needs and OFLSE direction

2016 – OFLSE achieved 100% delivery of identified areas of training brought forward by membership in 2013 training needs survey

2016 – Fall – Public Education Program of the Year award is launched

2016 – Fall/Winter – In response to member feedback, launched a quarterly newsletter

2017 – Winter – Joined Community Relations Working Group – a subcommittee of the FMPFSC

Where We’re Going

2017 – Spring – First Program of the Year Award to be selected and presented to winning Department

2017 – Spring – Overhaul of the OFLSE website, reorganize resources and improve accessibility

2017 – Spring – Launch of cutting edge PSA resources with a rollout plan including timely release of topic-specific PSAs and supporting resources

2017 – Establish a five-year plan for the OFLSE, based on member feedback regarding Committee direction, member needs and future opportunities

2017 & Beyond – Promote and/or host unique training opportunities, more workshops/seminars, etc.

2017 & Beyond – Using member feedback and current/future trends; consistently deliver, promote, support and modernize public education across the Province