Home Escape Planning

This is one of the most overlooked aspect of home fire safety, yet it is proven to be a crucial element in ensuring a family safely escapes a fire. There are many tricks of the trade when it comes to convincing families that creating and practicing a home escape plan, is important.

Some Tips:

  • Let the parents know that this is something the kids can be in charge of and responsible for
  • Suggest that the kids be given a whistle and a stopwatch so that they can run the escape drills and be “in charge” of home escape success
  • Empower the younger children to choose their family’s meeting place
  • Don’t forget those that have difficulty evacuating; elderly family members, residents with mobility, sight or hearing issues, and pets

Home Escape Plan Pub Ed Resources

Imagine Telling One (ITO)

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Every Second Counts (ESC)








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