Farm/Barn Fire Safety

NFPA® Barn Fire Safety

Rural communities face unique fire risks. The distance between communities and between residents within those communities results in challenges related to fire. Fire death rates in rural areas are very high. Additionally, loss of property and livestock have an extreme emotional and economic impact on residents in the local area.

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Perth East

PERTH EAST TOWNSHIP – After experiencing almost $10 million in dollar loss to farm-related fires since 2010, the Perth East Fire Department launched a major farm fire safety program. “Building A Farm Fire Safe Community” launched in the Townships of Perth East & Perth South and the Municipality of West Perth. The program includes a series of farm fire safety videos, direct mail campaigns, event attendance, presentations, social media blitzes (#FFSC) and a custom farm fire safety plan program.

Fire departments, agencies and organizations across the province are invited to adopt a similar program; Perth East has created a resource library of editable resources for others to customize and use.

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Resource Library