Burned KitchenFire Safety is not just a couple of words that have no meaning. It has been proven over and over again that “Fire Safety” can be literally translated to “SAVE YOUR LIFE!”

We have seen over and over again in our line of work, people who have been burned badly and or perished because Fire Safety was not a common theme present in their lives. As Public Educators we personally make it our job to “save lives” before the fire. It is common knowledge in the fire industry that today’s construction techniques are not conducive to ensure your safety or the fire fighters that are paid to try to save lives during a fire. Therefore it is up to everyone one of us to know what will save us in the event of a fire.

Please take a few minutes to view our website and become familiar with Fire Safety. After all, it WILL save your life!

[box]  This information is provided by the members of the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs, the Ontario Fire Service, Ontario Fire and Life Safety Educators and the Office of the Fire Marshal.  Questions regarding fire education and prevention should be directed to your local fire department.[/box]