OFLSE Survey – Training Needs

Thank You

Thank you to all those who completed the survey. The data collected will be crucial in creating a strategic plan for educating and training our members.

Update & Results

The training needs survey results have provided some valuable insight and direction for the committee.  The survey identified that the committee is on the right track and are doing a good job.  77% of the respondents find that the training provided over the past two (2) years has been both beneficial and valuable.  Conversely, 23% of the respondents indicated that we still need to improve on the training delivered. 

In an effort to achieve 100% satisfaction and to bump our status from ‘good’ to ‘great’, the committee continues to use a grassroots approach for identifying and delivering on training needs provided from our full-time, composite and volunteer members.

The training needs surveys submitted have been both analysed and prioritized.  The committee is pleased to share that our training priorities for the next two (2) years have been established.  Although our training foundation is established, the committee will be constantly evaluating these priorities to ensure we are meeting your needs and providing the best possible training available.  The committee uses the feedback from both the Spring and Fall conferences to address any gaps or concerns that may arise within our prioritized training schedule.

Reflecting over the last two (2) years, the committee is able to state that we have accomplished 100% of the training targets identified by the membership.  Moving forward, we have been provided with a clear training path that will be delivered at the Spring and Fall conferences.  Moving forward, the committee is also planning on introducing one (1) day training seminars that are topic specific throughout the province.

We trust that the training being provided over the next two (2) years will be beneficial, valuable and enjoyable for all members and participants.  Should you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our committee directly.