The OFLSE is collaborating throughout the year to bring you modernized, cutting edge resources.  Some resources will be topic specific with noted actions; others may be geared toward changing the general public’s attitude regarding fire & life safety. The OFLSE is also monitoring trends, current events and new fire safety elements.


Christmas… New Year’s… Valentine’s… you name it, we’ve got (or are working on) a resource for it. Your fire department has all the important info your residents need; we simply provide a way to get their attention.

Visit the Holiday Fire Safety page to get all those special occasion-themed resources.


Grey Cup. Superbowl. There are lots of events throughout the year that involve a party, alcohol, and 100% focus on a TV screen. Since that can be a recipe for fire, we’ve created “Game Day” resources (with more on the way, including non-sporting events) to not only help prevent tragedies, but also expand your social media audience!

Check out our Game/Event Day resource page


The following are teen/adult oriented graphics that fire departments can use as part of Fire Prevention Week to promote home escape planning. We recommend targeting these audiences with these graphics, and providing links to your department’s or NFPA® FPW information/resources.










Imagine Telling One (ITO)

ITO Resources

Drinking & Cooking (D&C)

D&C Resources

Balcony & Smoking Fires (B & S)



B & S Resources

Dryer Vent (DV)

DV Resources