Hosting the Big Event

From the Oscars to the Superbowl and everything in between, here are some resources to help educate your residents about attending or hosting event parties.

Grey Cup & Superbowl


  • Prepare all food in advance of the day or game time
  • Select food items that don’t require a stove/oven
  • Support local eateries by placing an order for take-out or delivery
  • Ask guests to bring food items that don’t require cooking/heating
  • Start the party a little earlier – enjoy the meal before the game starts
  • Add some pizazz to your party by having it catered


  • Go for a food touchdown – prepare everything so it’s ready by game time or make the delivery person your MVP
  • You want the opponents’ game to go down in flames, not your home! Watch what you cook, or better yet, order in.
  • If you can’t pry yourself away from the big game to watch what you’re cooking, call an audible and get food delivered instead.
  • Unattended cooking is like an equipment violation but it could cost you more than the game. #watchwhatyouheat