Chimney, woodstove and heating fire safety


  • Inspect & clean your chimney – especially important to do before hearing season.
  • Clear any obstructions and make sure the damper is working properly.
  • Creosote and soot build-up should be cleared.
  • Consult a WETT (Wood Energy Technical Training) certified technician to be sure
  • Check woodstove pipes – make sure all joints are securely fastened.
  • Burn dry, clean wood – to reduce build-up, burn only properly dried, seasoned wood.
  • Never place plastics, wet or green wood in the fire.
  • Ash removal – ensure the ashes are cool before using a (metal, non-combustible) container to remove them. Take ashes directly outside and store in a non-combustible area well away from any structures.


  • Having a clean chimney will let you sleep soundly at night… or anytime, for that matter.
  • A clean chimney is a safer chimney. Have your chimney inspected & cleaned!
  • When the chimney is clean, the fire stays where it belongs. #cleanchimneysaresafer