Apartment & Highrise Fire Safety



  • Our goal with these resources is to prevent balcony fires (not get people to quit smoking); this is important, as many smokers will tune you out if they think you’re just telling them to quit
  • It’s helpful to drive home the point that not only is a thrown cigarette dangerous where it lands, but that the nature of the building means a fire could affect the smoker themselves
  • It can be helpful to point out things on the balcony or inside the home that are valuable or important to the occupant, (such as pets, furniture, photos, cell phone) and connect the thrown cigarette with endangering those pets/belongings.


  • Always use an ashtray and put out your cigarettes properly: You can never be too careful! Cigarettes can smoulder for hours before sparking and causing a fire.
  • Butting out in potted plants is dangerous: Always put out cigarettes properly in an ashtray. Potted plants can catch fire.
  • Provide guests with an appropriate place for them to extinguish their cigarette even if they are doing so outside the home.
  • Never throw cigarettes off a balcony: This is extremely dangerous and can cause fires in a variety of ways.


  • Save everyone’s butt by keeping track of yours. Prevent a fire from travelling through your building – properly dispose of cigarettes. #nobalconyfires
  • What do you think happens when a fire starts on a balcony below yours? When it comes to a balcony fire, each balcony is a part of everyone’s home.
  • Their balcony is attached to your home. Protect your home & everyone in it by properly disposing of your cigarette. #nobalconyfires