Message from the OFLSE Chair

I would like to thank the past Chair, David Blizzard, and members of the OFLSE for the dedication, commitment and vision of moving the OFLSE forward during the last term.  I would like to welcome the new members to the committee and thank them for their interest in moving the OFLSE forward even further. 

After our first meeting, I can assure Ontario’s Public Educators that the OFLSE executive committee are passionate, committed and have a vision for moving Public Education forward and building our brand in Ontario and beyond.

The OFLSE is committed to seeking out and providing the best training possible to the members.  As such, there is a one day training session scheduled for September in Kingston that will focus on community risk assessment and lesson planning.  The agenda for the fall conference at the OFC is complete and will be forthcoming.  This agenda is packed with high level training opportunities that are very much hands-on and interactive. 

The OFLSE is deeply committed to providing cutting edge resources that the fire service can use to promote important fire safety messages in an effort to change human fire & life safety behaviours.  It is great to see many departments accessing these free resources from our website under ‘Resources’ and incorporating them into their Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and other social media opportunities; not to mention, rack cards, fact sheets and more.  The OFLSE are constantly working on new, modern  initiatives to address today’s issues… so stay tuned for these future resources.

Congratulations to Peterborough Fire Service for their technology-driven Program of the Year Award-winning program that was honoured at the spring OAFC conference.  I encourage you all to start reflecting on your current programs (or the programs of other fire departments) and think about submitting a program for the 2018 award.

Finally, I want to thank the OFLSE executive team for their passion, commitment and humour as we move forward.  The results that the OFLSE has achieved to date would not be possible without your support!

I look forward to working with you all as we bring high value to the members and build our brand.

Kevin Vaughan, OFLSE Chair


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