It’s shiny… no, it’s new… no, it’s… it’s BOTH!

OAFC 2017 –

Monday & Tuesday, May 8-9 is our Public Educators Conference within the OAFC Conference & Trade Show. Check out our amazing AGENDA.

OFLSE Executive –

The nominations were fast & furious… the shiny, new Exec will be announced at OAFC. Stay tuned! Or better yet… register and be there to hear it first.

Shiny, New Resources –

As promised, again.. and delivered, again… new resources! It’s spring/summer which means it’s BBQ, campfire, RV and Sparkler season. So naturally, we’re arming you with the latest stuff to get people’s attention on those subjects. Check out the New Resources page for the May, March and February resource roll-outs.

Program of the Year Award

We introduced this shiny, new award… the Best Picture Oscar for Pub Ed in Ontario. We’re announcing the finalists and winner at OAFC and revealing who our VIP judges were! We’re pretty excited. We’re also thankful there’s only one envelope to worry about. Don’t worry, if you’re not attending, we’ll tweet about it. Follow @OFLSE for up-to-the-minute updates!

Latest & Greatest E-News

In direct response to Public Educators’ feedback, we have e-newsletters. If you want to see the latest and greatest from OFLSE… sign up to receive our e-news. We send quarterly regular editions, plus a sprinkling of special editions throughout the year to ensure you’re the first to know about anything remotely shiny and new. We love shiny things… and the smell of new rack cards. Mmmnnn…


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