ESTC – Ignite Your Public Education Program

Course Date: December 1      1-day session

Cost:  $50.00 includes lunch

Is your public education programming stale, too generic or simply ineffective?  Have you ever wondered why your messages don’t get more traction, or why, despite your best efforts, your community’s behaviours aren’t changing?  Are you tired of using the same, boring messages?

This workshop starts off with a dynamic introduction that will ignite the day’s session and demonstrate how first impressions can start your message with success.  Participants will then look at mainstream messaging and real life examples of the best – and worst –

attempts to capture the public’s attention.  An array of emotional connections to messages will be identified and the class will learn why some messages and emotions prompt different actions.

Using real-life examples, participants will learn the concept of pop culture and how to insert safety messaging into mainstream media.  Finally, participants will review their own agency’s programs/campaigns and be able to implement the lessons learned to change their messaging from dull to dynamite.

  • Learn the elements of a message that captures the public’s attention
  • Identify the array of emotion that will prompt action
  • How to craftily insert safety messaging
  • How to identify and utilize pop culture trends
  • Learn all about the concept of “buy-in” and how that applies to Public Education
  • Implement the learned principles into their own campaigns 

Pre-class:  Participants are asked to send examples of their public education programs to the facilitator 15 days in advance.

The ESTC (Emergency Services Training Centre) is a world-class facility providing firefighter and emergency responder training for municipalities and companies.  Through partnerships with accredited training providers, the ESTC provides the high quality instruction that responders need to deal with today’s ever-changing demands.

See what we can do to help you be prepared for tomorrow’s emergencies, today.

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