PERTH COUNTY (September 14, 2015) – The Perth East Fire Department is excited to launch a dramatic farm fire safety video, “More At Stake Than The Barn”. Perth East reunited with award-winning filmmaker Zach Patton and worked with several partners in farm fire safety to make the video happen.
The video, which later this fall will also be accompanied by a series of PSAs, is the feature tool in Perth East’s “Building a Farm Fire Safe Community” program, which also includes a series of rack cards, online resources, a self-assessment tool and custom fire safety planning for properties in the Township of Perth East, Township of Perth South and Municipality of West Perth. In addition, Perth East has created resources that are available for other departments to edit and use themselves.
“Fire Department staff have worked tirelessly to establish some impressive partnerships for this video and Zach did an outstanding job.” reports Perth East and West Perth Fire Chief Bill Hunter, “Tradition Mutual Insurance, South Easthope Mutual Insurance, North Waterloo Farmers Mutual Insurance and the Perth-Huron Insurance Brokers Association are generously supporting this program as our partners in farm fire safety.”
Chief Hunter reflects on the push for farm fire safety. “Farm-related fires are devastating. Not only in terms of dollar loss, but also the ripple effect a fire has on the farming community. Everyone from the family to the feed and equipment suppliers to the consumer and even the responding fire departments; they’re all affected in some way. The key to avoiding these tragedies is prevention. This video effectively illustrates how simple those preventative actions can be.”
The farm fire safety program and videos will serve as the front line defense against farm-related fires. Since 2010, these fires have amounted to over $12 million in dollar loss in Perth East’s fire area, representing over 73% of all dollar loss for the department. The videos will be released on YouTube and promoted via municipal websites, partnering agencies and social media channels.

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