In the last update from your OFLSE Working Committee, we advised that an election will be held at the upcoming Spring OAFC/OFLSE conference in May.  Thank you to those member who have shown interest since the last update! We encourage everyone to consider it.

As identified in our recently created Terms of Reference (posted on the secure side of our OFLSE website), we are looking for people to fill the following positions:


The OFLSE Chair will also be the Co-Chair of the joint PE/FP/OAFC Education and Prevention standing committee; all executive members will report to the chair, with collaboration amongst all.


The Secretary will be the alternate Chair, in case of absence, and be responsible for other tasks assigned (elections, correspondence).

Four (4) Directors

Director 1

Responsible for Web page maintenance, the distribution of electronic communications to members, and other assigned tasks.

Director 2

Responsible for overseeing preparations for the Spring Conference and other assigned tasks.

Director 3

Responsible for overseeing preparations for the Fall Conference and other assigned tasks.

Director 4:

Responsible for Committee work (section 21, NFPA) and other assigned tasks

What time commitment will these positions require?

  • 2-4 hours a month (approximately)
  • Teleconference meeting quarterly
  • Depending on the position – possibly one/two teleconferences per month during planning stages of conference.

Why become involved?

Becoming a member of the executive gives you the opportunity to take ownership of your training, and allows  you the chance to shape the direction of training for fire & life safety educators across Ontario.  OFLSE is able to determine the path that we are taking, choose the topics that we want to discuss, and select the presenters that can bring information that is relevant to our jobs.  As new trends emerge and new programs are developed, you will be involved and you will have the opportunity to shape the future.

We encourage you to become involved. As a member of the executive, you get the choice…you help make the decisions. This is your chance to enhance the value of fire & life safety education across the province.


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