Terms of Reference: Ontario Fire and Life Safety Educators Committee


The organization will be known as the “Ontario Fire and Life Safety Educators Committee”.


  • To co-ordinate the efforts of its members in the fields of Fire and Life Safety and Public Education, and by so doing, endeavor to provide more efficient, effective and uniform public education programs in Ontario:
  •  To distribute to its members such information pertaining to Fire and Life Safety and Public Education as may be available;
  •  To present to the OAFC and other authorities recommendations which, having agreed upon by a majority of the members are deemed necessary as good practice concerning Fire and Life Safety and Public Education.
  •  To provide information to assist its members in the solution of any problems which may arise in the fields of Fire and Life Safety and Public Education.
  •  To at all times assist and cooperate with such Associations, Industries, Government agencies or Departments which share our common interest in the prevention of fires and the protection of lives and property.


  • A Training and Education Seminar of the membership shall be convened each year.
  • Committee Meetings shall be called at the discretion of the Chair or upon the wishes of a majority of the committee.
  • Special Committee Meetings shall be convened upon appointment or election of the Committee and shall meet at a location and time agreed upon by a majority of the Committee Members.


  • Persons eligible for membership shall be persons assigned to Fire Prevention and/or Public Education duties within a Municipal Fire Service in the Province of Ontario.
  • Those person who retire from an active Municipal Fire Service may apply to remain a active member upon approval of the Chair and Committee. 

Executive members:

“Executive Members” of the Ontario Fire and Life Safety Educators Committee shall be:

Chair – co-chair of the joint PE/FP/OAFC Education and Prevention standing committee; all executive members report to the chair with collaboration amongst all.

Secretary – Chair alternative in case of absence and other tasks assigned (elections, correspondence).

Four (4) Directors

Director 1: Web page maintenance and mass email sender and other assigned tasks

Director 2: Spring conference and other assigned tasks

Director 3: Fall conference and other assigned tasks

Director 4: Committee work (section 21, NFPA) and other assigned tasks

Nomination of Executive members:

Nominations for the purpose of electing executive members shall be accepted by the OFLSE Committee prior to the elections at the Annual OAFC and Public Fire and Life Safety Educators Conference.

The order of nominations shall be from top of the list (Chair) to the bottom of the list (Directors).

The Secretary shall read the nominations from the committee for each office in order.

The Secretary will then ask for further nominations from the floor for each office, in order on the first day of the Annual OAFC and Public Fire and Life Safety Educators Conference.

The nominations for each office may be closed by the Secretary when they feel that no other nominations will be presented for the office.

When all nominations are completed, a motion from the floor to close nominations is in order.

When there are more nominations than vacancies to be filled, the Secretary shall present the names of the nominees in order of their nomination.

The nominees when called in reverse order of their nomination shall answer with “stand” or “decline” to indicate their intention.

The presentation of the nominees is done after all nominations are completed and closed. A member may be nominated for more than one office, but may stand to be elected in only one office.

All persons nominated and willing to stand shall present correspondence from their Fire Chief or Supervisor stating their approval for the nomination in the current year. The correspondence shall be provided to the Secretary by the nominee at the time of identifying the nominee will stand.

The names of all qualified nominees standing for election shall be listed on one ballot.

The secretary may appoint a designate to conduct the nominating procedure. The designate must be a non-voting member and must be approved by the committee.


The election of the executive members shall be held on the first day of the Annual OAFC and Public Fire and Life Safety Educators Conference.

The scrutineers shall be appointed by the OFLSE Committee to conduct the elections.

One scrutineer shall be the spokesperson and shall read out the names of those standing for office to the floor, in order.

The Secretary shall provide a membership list to the scrutineers for this purpose.

The scrutineers shall collect and tabulate the ballots. The spokesperson shall announce the results to the floor.

Membership voting rights and privileges entitle one vote for election of executive members for each member who are registered under the pub-ed section from a municipal fire department.

In the event of a tie vote, a coin will be flipped to determine the winner.

When the election is complete, a motion is in order to file the ballots for one year and be kept by the secretary.

The outgoing and new executive shall meet during that conference to ensure a proper transition of information.


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