The Ontario Fire & Life Safety Educator committee has been working very hard since the 2014 Spring OAFC conference. Below you will find important information and highlights from the committee.

The Ontario Fire & Life Safety Educators are working as part of OAFC in conjunction with the OMFPOA as a member of the Fire Prevention and Public Educators Advisory Committee.

Surveys collected following the 2014 Spring OAFC Conference were reviewed and a three (3) year tentative training schedule has been prepared to address the members needs.

The Ontario Fire & Life Safety Educators have secured a spring and fall conference/seminar moving forward, starting in 2015. The spring conference will continue to be in partnership with the OAFC, which will focus on a theoretical component of training. The Fall seminar will be in partnership with the Ontario Fire College and will be focused on the practical aspects of the identified training. As indicated above, the content for both the spring and fall conference/seminar has been structured based on the surveys completed by the public educators at the 2014 Spring Conference.

The 2015 Spring OAFC conference will be structured the same as last year with joint sessions for all to attend and discipline specific breakout sessions. Registration is now open! Register early at

The Ontario Fire & Life Safety Educators have developed a ‘Terms of Reference’ for the committee that will include but not be limited to an election process, elected position and responsibilities. This document will be sent out to the members in the near future.

The Ontario Fire & Life Safety Educators will be conducting an election for identified positions in the Terms of Reference at the 2015 Spring conference. All are encouraged to participate in the election process and compete for one of the elected position.

The 2015 fall seminar at the OFC will be a blended seminar comprised of Fire Prevention Officers and Public Educators. The seminar will contain joint learning sessions as well as discipline specific breakout sessions. All educators are encouraged to register for the fall seminar as soon as registration is available (sometime in late January early February) and identify your discipline.

The Public Educator Forum will occur at the 2015 Fall Seminar. As such, the Ontario Fire & Life Safety Educators are seeking community outreach programs from across the Ontario Fire Service that can be presented at the Public Educator Forum.


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